Quick Answer: How To Play Tale Of Two Wastelands?

What is the tale of two wastelands?

What is TTW? Tale of Two Wastelands is a total conversion project that seamlessly merges Fallout 3 and its DLC into Fallout: New Vegas, allowing both games to be played in a single playthrough. It upgrades Fallout 3’s mechanics to those of FNV without compromising the feel and balance of the original.

How Good Is Tale of Two wastelands?

It combines both games, severely handicapping them at the same time. I would say right now you lose more than you gain gameplay-wise. It’s a massive and ambitious project and in my book it counts for something, specially with the effort from the devs. It’s surprisingly easy to install.

Is Tale of Two wastelands legal?

Legally we can’t distribute You are required to own both games and all DLC to play TTW. We do not provide any content, instead providing a nice installer that takes your files, patches them to our specifications, thereby creating a nice mod for New Vegas with your content. We aren’t breaking any laws.

How do I know if TTW is working?

Another way to check is pretty simple. Type “coc megatontown” into the console. If TTW is working, then you should teleport right outside Megaton.

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How do I get rid of Tale of Two wastelands?

If you still want to uninstall, your method depends on how you installed. If you installed using a FOMOD you can just uninstall using a mod manager and you are good. If you did a manual install you need to delete all TTW + Fallout3 + DLC related ESMs and BSAs from your data folder and you should be set.

Can you install tale of two wastelands with Vortex?

Maybe other people are interested. Because i couldn’t get MO2 to run properly, i tried running TTW with several mods (both TTW specific mods and NV mods (bounty hunter series for example)) with Vortex. After a little trial and error, everything runs quite smoothly for me.

How do I get to Capital Wasteland TTW?

All you need to do is reach Union Station which is in the middle of the supermutant-infested DC ruins. First, from The Mall make your way East towards the Capitol Building then North towards the National Archives. Next, your destination is the Penn.

Do mods work with Tale of Two wastelands?

Most FNV mods work out of the box with TTW but there are some exceptions. Some have patches and others just aren’t worth the effort. Make yourself familiar with the FAQ and the incompatible mods list (viewtopic.

Can you use Fallout 3 mods in tale of two wastelands?

No, not all Fallout 3 mods are compatible with TTW.

Does Project Nevada work with Tale of Two wastelands?

Only Project Nevada Core is compatible with TTW. Equipment, Rebalance and Cyberware modules are not compatible. And it’s recommended to use the patch made by EyeDeck when playing with the Core. Patch can be found here.

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