Quick Answer: How To Play Fire Emblem Revelations?

Is Fire Emblem revelation good?

It’s great! The one problem I have with Fates, including Revelation, is the story. So, the story is not the greatest compared to other FE games, but I still enjoyed ride because I fell in love with both Hoshido and Conquest characters. Playing Revelation is really worth it if you’ve liked Birthright and/or Conquest.

Is Fire Emblem revelations bad?

It’s perfectly fine, with some flaws like any other game. The feelings on that particular route really aren’t mixed up or as split as you’re trying to make it sound. In terms of game mechanics, Birthright seems to scale difficulty via enemy density, Conquest via enemy skills, and Revelations via enemy stats.

Should I play Fire Emblem fates revelation first?

Revelation puts you right in the middle, similar to the gameplay, but adds even more to the experience. Based on both gameplay and story, Birthright is the version I would definitely say should be played first.

Is Fire Emblem fates Revelations DLC?

You’ve got questions, and Fire Emblem Fates’ DLC campaign, Revelation, has answers. Yes, even to the baby thing. Revelation strikes an interesting balance between Birthright and Conquest’s campaign styles for a veritable cornucopia of Fire Emblem goodness.

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Which Fire Emblem fates is best?

Birthright has the best story of the three, as it’s relatively unoffensive and plays it fairly straightforward. My only major complaint is that it’s just kind of vanilla. Conquest has the best gameplay and cool story moments, but a lot of complaints about the story stem from this game.

Why is revelation bad?

Sure it has some flaws like: very limited number of units in the beginning. questionable map design (like the one where you have to choose the right door) story is very rushed at the end (tbf none of the three parts had a good story)

Who is mangs?

Mangs is a 31 year old man, and is a popular Fire Emblem and Advance Wars YouTuber specializing in shitposts and customized Fire Emblem runs. Most of his content ranges from Let’s Plays and informative videos about characters and the history of Fire Emblem content, to silly and hilarious shitposts.

Should I play conquest or birthright first?

If you’re brand new to Fire Emblem or, frankly, even if you’re not, here’s the order we suggest: Start with Birthright, the easier of the two. After finishing that and getting acclimated to the tactical battle system, head into the tougher Conquest.

Which Fire Emblem game should I start with?

The simplest recommendation is that you start with Fire Emblem Awakening. Awakening was heralded as the series’ revitalization for a good reason. The gameplay is smooth, there are good areas to grind, and the story is solid.

Can you save Scarlet Fire Emblem fates?

While falling towards the bottom of the canyon, Corrin is attacked by a mysterious man, but is saved when Scarlet sacrifices her life by using her body as a shield to absorb the full impact of his blows.

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What is the difference between conquest and birthright?

Birthright gives you access to the Hoshido campaign, while Conquest includes the Nohrian side of the story – while Revelations, which isn’t out until June 9th in Europe, sees you forge your own path as you try to bring peace between both factions.

How do I get DLC for Fire Emblem fates?

Select Purchase DLC and press the A Button. When prompted to use touch controls moving forward, select OK from the touch screen. Select Purchase Content to connect to the internet and sign into the Nintendo eShop. Select the DLC you wish to purchase and select Buy.

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