Question: Nba2k17 How To Play?

What are the controls for NBA 2K17?


  • Left Stick – Move Player.
  • Right Stick – Pro Stick: Dribble Moves / Shooting / Passing.
  • LT – Post Up (hold) / Dribble Moves (tap/double tap)
  • RT – Sprint.
  • LB – Call Play (tap) / Pick Control (hold)
  • RB – Icon Pass.
  • A – Pass / Skip Pass (hold)

Can you still play nba2k17 my career?

Accordingly, any mode in NBA 2K17 that earns or uses VC will be affected, along with any other online function (such as the MyTEAM mode and online matches against other players). However, you can still play offline quick games, as well as the MyGM and MyCAREER modes offline. This will let you earn SP rather than VC.

How do you play 2K17?

How to Play NBA 2k17 on Playstation 4

  1. Step 1: Materials. television.
  2. Step 2: Pick Your Type of Game.
  3. Step 3: Pick Your Team.
  4. Step 4: Choose Jerseys.
  5. Step 5: Press Start to Pick Lineups Before Game.
  6. Step 6: Basic Controls.
  7. Step 7: Start Game With Tipoff.
  8. Step 8: Move Player.

How do I dunk in 2K17?

NBA 2K17: How Do I Dunk?

  1. Lace up your favorite pair of basketball shoes and grab your controller.
  2. On Offense, hold down R2 (PS4) or the Right Trigger (XB1), then move the Right Stick on the controller.
  3. While moving toward the basket, move the Right Stick in any direction to dunk.
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Is NBA 2K17 My Career good?

NBA 2K17’s MyCareer is a masterpiece, combining the best elements of its past attempts to create what is undoubtedly the best single game mode in the sports gaming industry. While there are a few hiccups, this year’s version of MyCareer is already receiving love from both rookie and veteran users alike.

What was the 2K17 nickname?

The MyPLAYER characters were greatly expanded and given nicknames in NBA 2K16 and NBA 2K17, namely Frequency Vibrations and Pres respectively.

Can you play 2K17 on ps5?

As the saga to which “all sports games should aspire to look like” (GamesRadar), NBA 2K17 will take the franchise to new limits and will continue to thin out the line between videogame and reality.

Can I play MyCAREER offline 2K17?

NBA 2K17 is a basketball simulation video game from 2K sports. However, you can still play offline quick games, as well as the MyGM and MyCAREER modes offline.

Can you play 2K16 My Career offline?

The ability to customise your MyCOURT was lost when NBA 2K16 and NBA 2K17 went offline, as was the Badge upgrade system. That brings us to NBA 2K20, where MyCAREER offline is no longer available in any capacity.

How do you eurostep in 2K17?

To Eurostep, move towards the paint surrounding the basket and, once inside, double tap square if you’re on PlayStation 4 or X if you’re on Xbox One. Then, to choose which side of the basket you shoot from, move the left thumbstick left or right just before you shoot.

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