Question: How To Play Mr Blue Sky On Guitar?

Is Mr Blue Sky sampled?

Common’s ‘Blue Sky’ sample of Electric Light Orchestra’s ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ | WhoSampled.

What instruments are used in Mr Blue Sky?


  • Jeff Lynne – lead & backing vocals, lead & rhythm guitars, orchestral & choral arrangements.
  • Bev Bevan – drums, various percussion instruments, cymbals, backing vocals, fire extinguisher.
  • Richard Tandy – piano, electric piano, synthesizer, vocoder, orchestral & choral arrangements.

What key is Mr Blue Sky in?

The formula found that the happiest song in the world is actually ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ by the Electric Light Orchestra, which has 180 bpm, played in the key of F Major.

What is Eb chord?

An E flat guitar chord is a major chord in the key of E flat. An E flat chord would become: ‘The Eb Chord’. If the word minor, or a lower case ‘m’ isn’t after the chord, this ALWAYS means that the chord is major. Here are a few examples of how a major chord could be written: Eb Major Chord.

Why is Mr Blue Sky so popular?

ELO’s ‘Mr Blue Sky’ is one of the world’s most popular pop tunes of all time, thanks to its sunny and uplifting vibe and groundbreaking sound.

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Is Mr Blue Sky rock?

Blue Sky” is a song by English rock group Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), featured on the band’s seventh studio album Out of the Blue (1977). Written and produced by frontman Jeff Lynne, the song forms the fourth and final track of the “Concerto for a Rainy Day” suite, on side three of the original double LP.

Is Mr Blue Sky copyrighted?

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Is Mr Blue Sky the happiest song ever?

A fifth of all respondents voted that ‘Mr Blue Sky’ by ELO was the ‘happiest song’ ever. Beating Queen, Elton John, Abba, the Bee Gees and Bon Jovi to the top spot, the 1978 hit came out as the ultimate feel-good tune.

How was Mr Blue Sky written?

MR BLUE SKY (1977) Jeff Lynne wrote this foot-tapping ditty while locked in a chalet in the Swiss alps, trying to come up with a follow-up album to Electric Light Orchestra’s hit A New World Record. After a fortnight of gloomy weather and writers’ block suddenly the sun came out and ELO’s Mr Blue Sky was born.

Why is the sky blue?

The sky is blue due to a phenomenon called Raleigh scattering. This scattering refers to the scattering of electromagnetic radiation (of which light is a form) by particles of a much smaller wavelength. These shorter wavelengths correspond to blue hues, hence why when we look at the sky, we see it as blue.

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