Question: How To Play Kenken 3×3?

Is there a game KenKen?

KenKen and KenDoku are trademarked names for a style of arithmetic and logic puzzle invented in 2004 by Japanese math teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto, who intended the puzzles to be an instruction-free method of training the brain. The name derives from the Japanese word for cleverness (賢, ken, kashiko(i)).

How do you solve a magic square?

Magic Square Solution

  1. List the numbers in order from least to greatest on a sheet of paper.
  2. Add all nine of the numbers on your list up to get the total.
  3. Divide the total from Step 2 by 3.
  4. Go back to your list of numbers and the number in the very middle of that list will be placed in the center of the magic square.

Who invented KenKen?

“I enjoy nervous air.” The teacher, Tetsuya Miyamoto, is the inventor of KenKen, the puzzle that his students are laboring over.

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