Question: How To Play Castles Of Burgundy?

Is Castles of Burgundy easy to learn?

The game is fairly straightforward and simple to learn, but has great depth of strategy. It plays in a relatively short amount of time, at around 30-90 minutes depending on player count. The player boards for The Castles of Burgundy analog version.

How do you set up a burgundy castle?


  1. 1 player board, placed with the Number 1 side face up in front of himself (for boards with the numbers 2 through 9)
  2. 1 castle (= dark green six-sided tile), to be placed face up onto the dark green middle space (with the die value 6) of his player board.

How good is Castles of Burgundy?

Still, Castles of Burgundy is the best implementation I’ve seen of that sort of scoring, especially since designer Stefan Feld, who specializes in this sort of game, connects the different tile types in multiple ways, creating a game that scratches that complex scoring itch but is also well-balanced and coherent.

Is Castles of Burgundy good for 2 players?

Castles of Burgundy is the most well-balanced 2 player game I’ve ever played.

Is Castles of Burgundy similar to Catan?

The Castles of Burgundy has resources, settlements, dice rolls, the whole shebang—and a whole lot more, like worker tokens and a fixed number of rounds so the game never goes too long. It’s really Catan: The Next Level in many ways, so definitely give this one a try if you can (perhaps at a board game cafe near you).

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When did Castles of Burgundy come out?

The Castles of Burgundy is a board game for two to four players, set in Medieval Burgundy. It was designed by Stefan Feld and illustrated by Julien Delval and Harald Lieske, and was published in 2011 by Ravensburger/alea.

How many of each animal tile in Castles of Burgundy?

Whenever a player adds an animal tile to his estate (which can occur up to 6 times), then he immediately receives victory points (and moves his playing piece on the victory point track forward). Each tile has between 2 and 4 animals on it and the player receives the corresponding number of victory points for them.

How long is Castles of Burgundy?

When playing The Castles of Burgundy, players take various types of tiles and place them into their estates to score the most victory points. The game is marketed for experienced gamers; two to four players can finish the game between one and two hours.

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