Often asked: How To Play Cdda?

How do you drive a Cdda?

To drive a vehicle move over a tile with both a seat and vehicle controls present, and press ^. To exit a vehicle press ^ and select “Let go of controls”. Boarding and exiting a vehicle costs 200 movement points.

Is Cdda free?

The game is freely downloadable on the game’s website and the source code is also freely available on the project’s GitHub repository under the CC BY-SA Creative Commons license. The game is currently largely developed by its community. Rock, Paper, Shotgun named CDDA one of “The 50 Best Free Games on PC” in 2016.

How do you check your mood Cdda?

Your current mood is displayed as an emoticon in the lower part of the game screen. To view current morale modifiers press v. It is important to keep your morale up as it affects how well you learn from actions, as high morale will increase your focus, which boosts experience gain.

How do you install Tilesets Cdda?

How do i install the msx deadpeople tileset?

  1. Download the tileset.
  2. Extract the MSX++UnDeadPeople.zip.
  3. Move the MSX++UnDeadPeopleEdition folder to your cdda tilesets directory like this: cddagfx -> cddagfxMSX++UnDeadPeopleEdition (do not repeat the folder)

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