How To Play Backhand In Tennis?

Which backhand is better in tennis?

Running backhand – here again, the two-hander is superior to the one-hander because it gives the player a bigger margin of error. To hit a one-handed running backhand, you have to position yourself more precisely because you have a very narrow effective striking area (ahead of, and to the left of, the front foot).

Who has the best backhand in tennis?

Top 5 Best Backhands of All Time and What We Can Learn From Their Technique

  • Kei Nishikori.
  • David Nalbandian.
  • Stanislas Wawrinka.
  • Richard Gasquet.
  • Novak Djokovic.

What is a backhand punch?

The backhand punch in simple terms is an extended and more aggressive version of the backhand block, it is used when the ball is slightly higher over the net or the shot from your opponent is weaker with more topspin on it.

Who has the fastest backhand?

Average Backhand Speed (MPH) Dominic Thiem led the current Top 10 with average backhand speed at 67.4 mph, followed by Djokovic (67.3 mph) and Alexander Zverev (67.0 mph). Federer was around the middle of the ATP pack, averaging 66.1 mph. The average backhand speed for the 94 players in the data set was 66.0 mph.

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Why is backhand so hard?

The backhand is a tennis shot in which one swings the racquet around one’s body with the back of the hand preceding the palm. Due to the fact that the player’s dominant hand “pulls” into the shot, the backhand generally lacks the power and consistency of the forehand, and is usually considered more difficult to master.

What part of the body is leading when hitting a backhand shot?

Like the forehand, the basic swing pattern starts on one side of your body, moves forward and across, and ends on the other side of your body. But unlike the forehand, the backhand is hit with the back of your dominant hand facing the direction of the stroke.

What foot do you step with when hitting a backhand in pickleball?

Drop Step Your feet should be about shoulder-width apart, parallel to each other with your toes facing forward. If you’re right-handed, reposition your left foot, so you have the same stance but are now standing perpendicular to the net. When your left foot moves back, the paddle swings back too.

What is a drop shot in tennis?

In tennis: Strategy and technique. The drop shot, which is often hit from the same motion as a drive, attempts to get the ball just over the net with underspin so that it barely bounces, either catching an opponent flat-footed in the backcourt where he cannot reach the ball or forcing…

Why do tennis players have two handed backhands?

Two-handed backhand: The reason most tennis coaches teach young players the two-handed backhand is because the second hand gives more stability and power to your shot. This might be true for waist-high balls, but people who use a one-handed backhand usually struggle hitting balls up around their shoulder.

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