FAQ: Play Day 10 Foot Family Pool How To Inflate?

How do you inflate play day family pool?

The easiest way to blow up an inflatable pool is by using an electric air pump. Other simple options include using a shop-vac, air compressor, a hair dryer with a water bottle, manual hand or foot pumps, a large bag, or manually blowing up the inflatable pool yourself.

How do you inflate a pool with an air compressor?

2. Steps To Do It Right

  1. Remove the cap of the air filler valve from the pool to start inflating the pool.
  2. Make sure you connect it to your air compressor. Also, check if the air hose fits well with the valve.
  3. Start filling the air and keep checking in between if its getting filled properly.

Can you use a hair dryer to inflate a pool?

Use A Hairdryer and Water Bottle A hairdryer is another great way to blow up your pool float, but since it doesn’t have a nozzle that fits snugly into the plug, youwould need to hold it in place, which can be a little tricky. Make sure to use the small nozzle side of the water bottle.

How many gallons is a 10 foot family day pool?

The pool can hold an approximate maximum of 440 gallons of water, but we recommend only filling up about 80% of that.

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How deep is a 10ft inflatable pool?

This inflatable pool is 10 feet long, 6 feet wide and about 2 feet deep.

Can you inflate a pool with a vacuum?

Inflating an inflatable swimming pool requires a device that has a compressor that can blow air into the pool sides. You can use a standard vacuum cleaner as the compressor device. The vacuum cleaner will not be physically modified or damaged in any way.

How long does it take to fill up a 10ft Bestway pool?

Assembly took around an hour, filling it took around 5/6 hours.

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