FAQ: How To Play Werewolf Town Of Salem?

Who does werewolf win with in Town of Salem?

Werewolf Victory Most deadlocks do not occur with the Werewolf, as they will kill role blockers, kill Transporters and bypass Basic defense. In a one versus one situation, the Werewolf wins automatically against the Godfather, the Mafioso, a Vampire, the Veteran (with or without alerts) or a Serial Killer.

Does bodyguard kill werewolf?

Werewolves can now be killed by a Bodyguard while jailed when they attack the Jailor.

Can you pirate Town of Salem?

In a pinch, if you’ve been unsuccessfully dueling a killing role repeatedly every other Night, you can claim Pirate when pressed and tell the Town you’ll keep locking them down until you kill them.

Can Vet kill SK Town of Salem?

Truthfully claiming Veteran but also telling the Town you won’t alert during the Night. Additionally, you might choose to whisper this to a player you believe to be a killer. Claiming to be out of alerts and hence, that you cannot kill anyone.

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Can amne remember mayor?

4, Amnesiacs were not able to remember any Unique Town roles, such as Mayor or Jailor.

Can jailor execute SK?

Serial Killers may claim Jailor Night one to have the Jailor jail them, with the Jailor unable to execute them. This strategy is however extremely risky for the Serial Killer, as they will more likely be called out immediately.

Can a werewolf kill arsonist?

Role description The Arsonist can choose from two actions to perform each night. They can either douse 2 players in gasoline, or ignite all doused players, killing them. The Arsonist cannot be killed by the Werewolves.

Can a werewolf kill a serial killer?

Role description They cannot be killed by the Werewolves. However, they are in competition with the Werewolves, as both win if they kill enough people.

Does Bodyguard kill coven leader?

With the Necronomicon, you obtain Basic Defense and can now deal a Basic Attack to your first target. If the Coven Leader with the Necronomicon controls a Bodyguard to protect themselves, the Bodyguard and Coven Leader will kill each other.

Is guardian angel unique tos?

5, Guardian Angels could not be added more than once in custom role lists despite not being a Unique role.

How do you beat Plaguebearer?


  1. Try to visit people that you know are going to have a lot of traffic, but that are not going to die.
  2. Try infecting names that stand out at the beginning of the game.
  3. Try to Infect a revealed Mayor or the Jailor because most Town Protective roles will be on them.
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What does Jester do in town of Salem?

The Jester’s goal is to get the town to believe that they are one of the evildoers and get themself executed. Once the Jester is executed, Jester can choose one of the guilty voters or abstainers to haunt them and make themself die.

Can you still play town of Salem for free?

Town of Salem – Town of Salem moves away from Free To Play – Steam News. After careful thought and consideration we have decided that taking Town of Salem away from a free-to-play model is best for the continued health and community of the game.

What can I claim as Mafioso?

As a Mafioso, your job is to kill anyone who would oppose the Mafia without being caught. If the Godfather dies, you will become the new leader of the Mafia. So, if it appears that Godfather will die or be lynched soon, you should start to take control.

Can sheriff find serial killer?

Sheriff: Many Executioners will claim their target to be a Serial Killer. You can therefore accuse the Sheriff of being an Executioner. An Investigator will not be able to differentiate between the two roles. If a Sheriff finds you, then your best bet would be to drag out the conversation so that the Day ends.

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