FAQ: How To Play Hand And Foot Cards?

What are the rules for hand and Foot canasta?

Hand and Foot Canasta

  • Each player is dealt two piles of 11 cards, which will be referred to as the “hand” and the “foot”.
  • A player who melds all cards from the original hand picks up the foot as a new hand and continues playing.
  • On each turn, players draw two cards from the stock.

What is Hand & Foot card game?

Hand and Foot is a North American game related to canasta. Each player is dealt two sets of cards using one as the “hand” and one as the “foot. The most common version of the game is played with four players in partnerships; it can also be played by six people in two teams of three or by any number of individuals.

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How many decks of cards do you need for 4 players of hand and Foot?

Although most people say that Hand and Foot is best played by four people in partnerships, it can also be played by six in two teams of three, or by any number of people playing as individuals. Partners sit opposite each other. Five decks of cards are used, including two jokers per deck (270 cards in all).

Is there an app for the card game Hand and Foot?

You can now play the challenging card game Hand and Foot on your mobile device! If you are a Hand and Foot enthusiast, you know how long it takes to shuffle multiple decks of cards and tally scores when you physically play the game. You will love the speed at which you can play with our app!

How many decks do you need for hand and Foot?

Hand and Foot uses five to six decks of cards with Jokers.

How do you win at hand and Foot?

How Cards Are Scored at the End of the Game

  1. Every clean pile = 500 points (Seven of the same card with no wild cards in it—red card on top.)
  2. Every dirty pile = 300 points (Seven of the same card with at least one wild card —black card on top.)
  3. Every card that has been played is added to the player’s score.

Who created the card game hand and Foot?

Hand and Foot was invented by James Tranchida in 1987. He and his family have since sold the game out of their home. After a short hiatus, the family is putting the game back into production for all the dedicated players, a new generation of Hand and Foot lovers, and Jim.

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What are the rules of Rummy?

To declare rummy, a player must not have melded or laid off any cards prior during the hand. If playing with the discard rule, they must also discard after melding. If a player goes rummy when a card can be played, that player is out for that turn. Game players are still in game but the hand goes dead.

How do you play hand and Foot with two players?

Hand and Foot is typically played as a partner game, partners sit across from each other at the table. Choose one pair to deal first. They must shuffle the cards then one person takes the deck. The dealer proceeds to deal each player a stack of 13 cards and pass them clockwise until each player has a hand.

What does it mean to be waited on hand and Foot?

Definition of wait on (someone) hand and foot: to provide everything that someone needs or wants: to act as a servant to (someone) I can’t stand the way they wait on her hand and foot! She waited on her children hand and foot.

How do you play hand with cards?


  1. Draw one card, either from the top of the face down stock pile or from the top of the face up discard pile.
  2. Optionally, place some cards from hand face up on the table as meld.
  3. Discard one card from hand face up on top of the discard pile.

Is there a way to play hand and foot online?

Hand and Foot Online is your source for downloading an online multiplayer version of the Hand and Foot canasta card game. Hand and Foot Online 2.0 is available for both Windows and Mac users (requires a small download). The game software allows joining and hosting of public games.

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Can you play hand and foot virtually?

Hand and foot is and addictive game similar to Canasta. You are dealt 2 hands (a hand and a foot) and you must play through both! Play for points, for play to catch out for opponent, its up to you. Play with your Friends online, or by yourself against the computer opponent.

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