FAQ: How To Play Egg Toss?

How does egg toss work?

Egg tossing is also known as a team competition with basically the following rules, although the exact details may vary. One member of a two-person team tosses an egg to another. If the egg does not break, they step apart and the toss is repeated. The contest continues until one egg is left unbroken.

What is an egg tossing contest?

Drawing hundreds of competitors and cheering spectators, it’s a messy game claiming a 700-year history and egg-streme puns. Teams of two align on the grass to try to throw and catch eggs without breaking the shell. Starting at 10 meters (11 yards) apart, the “tosser” throws an egg to a teammate, the “catcher”.

How far can you throw an egg?

An egg throwing feat was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records: on November 12, 1978, Johnny Dell Foley successfully tossed a fresh hen’s egg for a distance of 323 ft 2in (98.51m) to a Keith Thomas at Jewett, Texas. The record was undefeated until at least 1999.

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How far did your thrower and catcher get from each other before the egg broke what was the longest distance achieved in the class?

What was the longest distance in the class? a. The thrower and catcher were able to throw about 10 yards (30 feet) before the egg broke.

Is tossing throwing?

“Toss” generally means to throw something upwards or in a gentle arc, whereas “throw” includes that but also includes throwing it hard, straight at something. Tossing is also another word got wanking. To toss is underhanded (like playing cornhole) and throwing is overhand (like playing baseball).

How far can you throw an egg without breaking it?

The Challenge: On August 22, 1994, David Donoghue threw an egg out of a helicopter onto a golf course in the UK, from a height of 213 meters ( 700 feet ). He now has the record for the longest egg drop without breaking in the world (all without an outside structure for added protection!).

Is throwing eggs at someone assault?

Eggs can easily cause damage when thrown at property, and egging is considered vandalism. Egging of a person’s face can cause serious injuries and eye injury, and may constitute assault and battery.

How do you do the egg drop challenge?


  1. Come up with an idea of some type of container you can make to protect an egg from a high fall.
  2. Build your container and place the egg inside.
  3. Drop the egg from someplace high. (Be sure it’s safe and an adult is with you.)
  4. After you drop it look and see if your egg cracked or remained intact.
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Is egg throwing a sport?

Egg throwing is a sport and is pretty popular especially in parts of Europe. Back in medieval Britain, egg throwing festivals would be held during Easter at the church. If the egg does not break, they step apart and the toss is repeated. The contest continues until one egg is left unbroken.

Is egging a crime?

Egging a car is when a person throws an egg at a vehicle. But many people don’t know that egging is a punishable offense in most states. It’s considered an act of vandalism. Depending upon the total cost of damage to an individual’s property, the crime is classified as a misdemeanor or a felony.

Do birds throw eggs out of the nest?

Eggs fallen to the ground may be there for a reason—they could be infertile or belong to a different “nest-stealing” species. Do be aware, though, that birds sometimes push eggs from their nests on purpose. If you continue to find them on the ground, just leave them there and let nature take its course.

What percentage of the world’s eggs are eaten in China?

Looking at China, it is interesting to see that prices are at the low end, despite very high domestic consumption. Here, 90% of the eggs are consumed within China, at over 300 eggs per capita per year. However, there is over-capacity in the market.

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