FAQ: How To Play Djembe Rhythms?

How do you play the djembe?

How to Play the Djembe: 3 Fundamental Tones

  1. Slap: Slap sounds make the highest-pitched sounds on the djembe. Hit the edge of the drum with a slight curvature in your fingers.
  2. Bass: Bass sounds are the lowest pitches on the djembe. Hit the center of the drum with a heavy, flat palm.
  3. Tone: Tone sounds are medium-pitched.

What are the three main djembe playing techniques?

Djembe players use three basic sounds: bass, tone, and slap, which have low, medium, and high pitch, respectively. These sounds are achieved by varying the striking technique and position.

What are the 3 basic sounds in African djembe playing?

There are three main sounds that can be played on a djembe: bass, tone and slap.

What do the strings do on a djembe?

These vertical rope runners are threaded onto the rings and are used to increase or decrease the tension of the drum head my tightening or loosening them. The tuning of your djembe depends on this ‘tension’ placed on the skin by the rope.

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Is djembe easy to learn?

In fact, a hand drum like a djembe can easily fulfill all the needs of a drummer, and more. The djembe is easy to learn, no matter the musical skill or ability of the person it sits before. Starting out with djembe drumming is as simple as beating out the rhythm to a favorite song.

What are the three spirits of the djembe?

It is believed that the Djembe contains three spirits: the spirit of the animal from which the drum head was made, the spirit of the tree used to construct the hollowed-out shell and the spirit of the instrument maker. Some also believe that the spirit of the djembefola playing the Djembe becomes part of the drum.

How does a djembe sound like?

A djembe roll is when the player plays many sounds in quick succession. On the bass it sounds like thunder, on the tone like purring, and on the slap like fire!

What is the djembe also called?

The djembe drum is also known as the “Devil Drum” because it was traditionally made from hollow-out trees called Dimba, also known as “Devil Wood.”

How much does a djembe cost?

Please. Current African djembe market prices are $299 – $1,000 We do carry less expensive djembe as well.

How tight should djembe be?

So when you tighten the ropes on a djembe you are tuning the tone (edge) of the drum. It should be tight so the hand rebounds quickly off the skin, and the skin resonates freely.

How do I know if my djembe is tuned?

An in-tune djembe will have a crisp bass that can be easily heard, that doesn’t linger too long, with minimal overtone. The tones will also have a clean sound and feel, with little overtone.

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Should I oil my djembe?

NEVER put any product (oil or cream) on the head no matter who tells you to. Just say NO! The skin has fibers that are stretched tight and any emollient may weaken those fibers. The skin on most djembes is GOAT skin and it is thin.

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