FAQ: How To Play Arc Warden?

How do you play arc warden?


  1. Arc Warden either goes safe lane or mid to farm up Hand of Midas. When faced against a lone enemy, use Flux and Spark Wraith to nuke them down, combined with Tempest Double for doubling of nuking power to dominate the lane.
  2. Against heroes with summons, Arc Warden may want to invest in Magnetic Field instead of Flux.

How do I get better at ARC warden?


  1. Multiple Flux casts on the same target fully stack.
  2. Manipulate creep aggro to get good Fluxes in lane.
  3. Magnetic Field works fully on towers to provide bonus attack speed and evasion.
  4. You don’t need to fully envelope a tower in Magnetic Field to give it the bonus attack speed and evasion.

Is Arc warden easy?

Arc Warden’s abilities are straightforward to understand, it just requires a ton of brain power to keep track of the active items usually built on him, especially when his tempest double has separate cooldowns for everything.

Is Arc Warden good hero?

Zet, the Arc Warden, is a ranged agility hero that requires micromanagement and farm to spiral out of control. In the early stages of the game, it is a very powerful nuker. Its first ability, Flux, allows Arc Warden to cripple an enemy down and deal large amounts of damage.

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Does arc warden flux stack?

Each stack operates independently. Enemy units and neutrals will disable the debuff if the target comes within range of them.

Does MKB go through magnetic field?

Does MKB Pierce magnetic field? Now, although MKB does give you true strike against heroes, most importantly, true strike does not affect buildings. So this means abilities like Jakiro’s liquid fire, cannot damage buildings under magnetic field.

What counters arc Warden 2020?


  1. Black King Bar negates Arc Warden’s mostly magical damage.
  2. Lotus Orb usually reflects most of Arc Warden’s frequently built items back onto him.
  3. Monkey King Bar allows enemies to attack Arc Warden through Magnetic Field.
  4. Manta Style can dispel Flux, frequently bought.

Is Arc warden a hard carry?

He is currently the hard carry player for Team Fnatic. He has been showing his capabilities as a hard carry player since a long time ago and his carry gameplay is certainly one of the best in the world.

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