FAQ: How To Play A Medium Tank Wot?

What is the role of a medium tank wot?

In most cases, medium tanks are most effective supporting friendly heavy tanks or other higher tier mediums. When using their speed to engage in flanking maneuvers, medium tanks can put effective fire into larger enemy vehicles without putting themselves at risk.

Are American medium tanks Good wot?

Excellent gun depression and gun dispersion values, with the nice reload time. Great view range with decent camouflage that can spot other tanks before they spot it. Amazing damage that makes it the third highest damage per minute tank out of all tier 9 medium tanks.

Are Swedish medium tanks Good wot?

Like the tier 5 it has 15 degrees of gun depression making it a very good tank for fighting on uneven terrain. Mobility improves slightly over the tier 5 medium but only after you get the upgraded engine since the stock engine is extremely under powered.

Are medium tanks still used?

Medium and Heavy tanks were used in the early stages of the cold war, but have gradually been phased out by the multi-role Main Battle Tank.

What is the best tank destroyer in World of Tanks?

The 11 Best Tank Destroyers in World Of Tanks

  • SU-122-44.
  • Object 263.
  • Rheinmetall Skorpion G.
  • Panzerjager I.
  • T67.
  • E25.
  • Udes 03.
  • Strv 103-0.
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Are Swedish tank destroyers good?

The Swedish tank destroyers are swift, well-armed, and excellent at keeping low profiles. They lack armour protection, though at higher tiers this is somewhat mitigated by extreme sloping. Low Tiers II – IV: The Pvlvv fm/42, Ikv 72 and Sav m/43 (tiers II–IV) are the bread-and-butter low-tier TDs.

Are tanks bulletproof?

With the rather reserved variant name added to its nameplate, the Tank Military Edition comes with features that you won’t normally see in an SUV: thermal night vision, a firewall, a reinforced suspension, a smoke screen, bomb protection, and yes, B7-rated glass armor and level 7 ballistic protection.

How heavy is a medium tank?

Vehicles weighing from 20 to 25 tons can be called light tanks, while those weighing 30 tons to 50 tons can be called medium tanks, and over 50 tons are heavy tanks.

Does America use tanks?

A U.S. Army armored brigade typically operates around 100 tanks. The Army has 16 armored brigades as part of a total force of 58 combat brigades. Congress in 2019 gave the Army $1.5 billion to buy 135 M-1s from General Dynamics, extending a program that began in the 1970s.

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