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Discussion in 'Fantasy Land' started by Always Next, Aug 30, 2010.

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    what format is it? H2H or roto?

    How many teams in the league etc etc

    at first glance - pretty good team.

    Guards are an issue - I think even with Steph you''re a bit short on 3's as Booker and Wiggins dont make a lot. I'd imagine you'd be pretty short on assists too, and they are usually bloody hard to find on the wire ! Not seeing a lot of steals there either hmmmmm I'd look to move one of your bigs for a good PG.

    How are your TO's going? Guessing could be an issue (usually is when you have a big that turns it over a lot )

    and I imagine you already have, but ditch Exum . He's trash (hurts me to say)

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