To Use Or Not To Use?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Land' started by Bigstrads, Sep 12, 2010.

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    Didnt want to post this in the actual thread...............but I need some help.

    F*cking yahoo screwed me over when selecting Vincent Jackson and Santonio Holmes by NOT actually informing me that they were suspended and Jackson may not even play this season............and NOT adjusting the their ranks accordingly. :roll: :bang

    And all this week, Ive been tweaking my lineups and pondering whether to play Knowshon Moreno because it DID keep telling me that he was injured and that his matchup was bad (in terms of the "star" ranking of the matchup for each player).

    So I moved Moreno in and out of the lineup about 4 times this week..............and 10 minutes before kick off I checked it again and it had him listed as not playing.

    So I play Brandon Jacobs instead..............and of course!!! Moreno has 48 yards and a TD for 10.40 points right now! over Jacobs 49 yards for 4.90 points! :bang :evil:

    Plus..............Im Iosing by 2 points right now!!!!!!! :bang which obviously wouldnt be happening if that damned thing hadnt got it wrong.
    So.............what do you guys use, that I can use (ie: besides from your actual knowledge) to determine who to play???

    Cant really find anything that isnt on "insider" with ESPN and I just plain dont want to use f*cking yahoo anymore cuz its burned me too many times already now. :evil:
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    Can't help you there. You don't get the final active/inactive report til very few minutes before the game, so you gotta decide if you're going to take the risk or not.

    We all share the same info, mate. There's no site you can look for that's gonna tell who's going to play for sure or not, as often we're talking about game time decisions.

    For example, I had DeAngelo Williams starting for the whole week... and a couple of hours before kick off, I decided to replace him with Arian Foster... who got me 41 points by himself, just because I though that the matchup with the Colts run D was better for Foster. It was a hunch, but one that paid off... your's didn't, and that's part of the game.

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