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Discussion in 'NBA Draft 2017' started by TMC, May 3, 2018.

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    Way too early, but I want to start a thread regarding the draft...

    Last year, my favorite player in the entire draft was Jayson Tatum, and even tho he's not going to be ROY (far from it, in fact) he's had a great, great season. Just imagine if Philly had picked him instead of Fultz.

    Gotta admit that I liked Donovan Mitchell, but never, nor in my wildest dreams, did I expect him to have the kind of season he's had and carry Utah to the second round. Amazing player.

    Let's not talk about Ben Simmons, because even tho it's his first season playing, I don't consider him a rookie, as it's technically his second season since he was drafted.

    As for this year, the guy I really like is Mikal Bridges. Of course Ayton can be a franchise player, if he develops nicely, but I think it's going to take a while. Bridges is ready to play and help now, probably the most NBA ready guy in the whole draft.

    As for Doncic, I think he will be a good player, maybe, if he develops, will be an all star one day, but he's not gonna carry a franchise by himself. He's going to be a really good offensive player, able to run any offense, but I think he's going to have plenty of trouble on defense. Hopefully he'll improve to the point he's not a liability.

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